A brief intro to stopping the bleeding

Bleeding can be categorized as bleeding you can see, and what you can’t see.  This is further broken down to bleeding from extremities or torso and junctional areas. Visible bleeding should be treated with direct pressure and some sort of compression bandage.  Torso and junctional wounds can only be treated with direct pressure and wound packing. Packing wounds with a clean bulky dressing, or with blood stoppers like QuikClot, will help to stop bleeding and buy you time. 

Extremity wounds should be addressed using tourniquets and, then, compression bandages.  Compression bandages apply direct pressure to wounds without requiring constant attention, and can be combined with blood stoppers. But when bleeding is severe, spurting or heavily flowing blood, a tourniquet must be used.  I know what you’re thinking, that tourniquets aren’t safe… that’s the old thinking!  TOURNIQUETS ARE SAFE AND EFFECTIVE.  Put tourniquets as high on the extremity as possible, and tighten until the bleeding stops. Don’t be afraid of using tourniquets, they will save a life!

Remember, "All bleeding stops eventually, stop it on your terms"