We All Bleed the Same

Life is full of differences. Every person is different, every trip, every class, every activity. The preparation for hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) versus the Colorado Trail, although are similar, they do require different planning.   Mountain biking, hiking, climbing, all different needs.  But one thing that never changes? Human anatomy and physiology. Knowing how to intervene and help a person suffering from injuries is a task you can learn easily.  As a friend, son, daughter, sibling, or parent, it is your responsibility to know how to help yourself and those around you.

Are you prepared to save a life?  It is important to understand that the nifty first-aid kit you purchased likely doesn't provide you with the tools to save a life. You need a TRAUMA KIT.  Trauma kits include tourniquets, blood stopping gauze, and compression bandages to address life threatening injuries.  Assess your readiness to save a life... it could be your own.

Remember, "All bleeding stops eventually, stop it on your terms."