TraumaPak Kit
TraumaPak Kit
TraumaPak Kit
TraumaPak Kit

TraumaPak Kit

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  • The TraumaPak Bleeding Control Kit holds life saving essenstials, inside of a heavy duty resealable bag. The contents are protected and kept together, without the added cost of a nylon pouch or bag. It can be easily placed in the top of a bag or rucksack from quick access during an emergency. 


    The TraumaPak contains the same supplies as the Slim Bleeding Control Kit, and can be ordered as a resupply.


    The TraumaPak Bleeding Control Kit contains:


    • 1 - CAT Tourniquet, Orange
    • 1 - SWAT Tourniquet, Orange
    • 1 - Compression Bandage, 4"
    • 2 - Compressed Gauze
    • 1 - Emergency Blanket


    Complete configuration adds:


    • 1 - Quikclot Bleeding Control Dressing 4'

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